Thursday, August 28, 2008

Honorable Mention!

Yay! I got "recognized"!

Hmm, I was listed first in a group of honorable mentions, so does that make me the #1 loser? :D Still, while Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk last Saturday was all about having fun and not about competition, it is awesome to have your name/photos mentioned and recognized. ;)

And it was totally fun.

Monday, August 18, 2008

No Time!

I feel like I never have enough time in a day, to work, to commute, to cook, to play with the doggie, to hang out with DH, to watch TV and unwind, to clean, to surf the web, to play with the camera, to sleep and to BLOG! Geez, how do people find time to juggle everything? :D

Well, case in point, I _was_ trying to publish this blog sometime this past week, to talk about the past weekend's activities, but before I even get a chance to blink, the "past weekend" is now almost two weekends ago! Well, that weekend was super duper busy once again (and so is this current one, since it's already Sunday... hmm, are you following me still?).

Anyway, there was another wedding where I did some shooting and lots of assisting with lights ~ I learned a lot about strobe and fill lighting for sure! The little flower girl, Zoe, is gorgeous:

L+D Wedding

So is the bride:

L+D Wedding

And the ceremony:

L+D Wedding

And then last weekend was also San Mateo County Fair:


Ok, enough about last weekend. On Saturday we went to Scott Kelby's worldwide photo walk in the city. Pictures are up! I'll post just one here for you to get started (click on it to see the rest)


We also ate at Pampas that evening. Wow, I haven't had that kind of tummy workout in a while. :P

(note: this post got started Monday the 18th but didn't get finished/published until Sunday the 24th.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Past Weekend

Wow, this past weekend was full of photos, some amazing Peking duck, and so much fun!

Saturday I got the opportunity to second shoot again! Wow, it was a truly beautiful wedding. Sorry guys, I don't have any pictures to share (part of the contract).

Sunday we (Henry, Carol, Jessica, Laurie, Hung, Victor, Ryan and I) went to Berkeley and did a photo walk followed by some delicious Peking duck at our favorite Great China. Yum!

Oh, here is a picture from Sunday. As usual, click on it to see the rest in my flickr portfolio!


Monday, August 4, 2008


This past weekend was so much fun. I went to Napa with Jessica and her friends, and got some really cool pictures:


Helen and Scott


Connie and Kelvin

Chardonnay Grapes


Including one of me, courtesy of Jessica. :D
In Napa, Drinking and Shooting!

Then on Sunday we went to a bbq at my college friend Marlene's house ~ I haven't seen her since college! Her daughter is adorable:

Little Kaylie

Click on any of the pictures to see the rest of the weekend's highlights!