Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2nd Shoot

So this past Sunday I did my very first second shooting wedding assignment with Cate Corbitt . It was a lot of fun and although I was really sore when I got home (talk about being super out of shape!), I can't wait until the next time I get to shoot another wedding. Now I've got one real second photog and one real primary photog weddings under my belt. Woo hoo, watch out world, here I come! :D

S + K Wedding

Luckily I won't have to itch to shoot for too long... I am going to Napa this Saturday with some friends and will definitely be bringing my camera!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Connecting the Dots

Is it really a good idea? So that everything is out there and I'm fully transparent? Not that hoppibunny is all that great of an anonymous pseudonym, since I use it everywhere...

Anyway, here goes... Connecting my blog readers to my Facebook profile. I'm embracing technology, plus, my badge is hella cute. :D

Cindy Chen's Facebook profile

Monday, July 21, 2008

Amy & Randy, etc. :D

OMG I have not blogged in forever. Well, I've been busy. Even now, I only have a few minutes and then I have to start getting dinner on the table... I'm hoping that tonight I'll start building my webpage. :D

Anyway, finally got some of Amy and Randy's photos on Flickr. Please check them out (Along with Dawn and Sam's wedding photos and my baby niece Peanut's photo shoot). Click on any of the 3 beautiful girls and you'll get to see the rest of the photos I've uploaded so far for her! Enjoy!

Amy & Randy's Wedding

Dawn & Sam's Wedding

Peanut Photo Shoot

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am so busy these days it is simply impossible to balance squeezing in a little good blogging and sleep, or eat, or clean, or, well, you get the point. For example, I am right now foregoing 5 extra minutes of sleep to blog. I know, it isn't much, but I really need my 6-8 hours nightly and any little bit that I give up I am paying back with yawns the next day.

So, this past weekend was jam packed. We flew into Seattle on the first flight out of SFO at 6 am... Yes, you read that right, 6 am. That meant we got home the night before, ate dinner, packed, packed some more, walked dogs, and went to bed at 12 ish only to wake at 3:45 to leave the house by 4:30. Anyway, enough complaining. The flight was painless and I pretty much slept thru the whole thing, so I caught up a bit.

The ensuing two days in Seattle were a blast. We saw friends and family. I had a little photo shoot with little Peanut which was so much fun and turned out great. She loved the camera, even at a mere 6 mos old. Still processing, but will post soon. We also attended our friends Sam and Dawn's amazingly touching "2nd" wedding (the reason we went to Seattle, actually) :D Congrats Dawn and Sam!!

Sunday morning first thing we flew back. The reason was we were also slated to attend my friend Amy and her now husband Randy's wedding in San Francisco. It was beautiful! We were responsible for primary shooting and capturing the memories of the day and I thought it was extremely tiring (especially without a good night's sleep) but also an amazing experience. I can't thank Amy enough for giving me the opportunity to shoot her day! I'm processing now (every evening!) so hopefully photos will be ready soon.

Ok, my 5 minutes is up. Time for my beauty sleep.

Good night!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know it's been a few days since I last blogged... I promise I'll get back on the train again soon.

Things have been super duper crazy busy at work and at home. This week we are dogsitting the adorable Huxley and then jetting off to Seattle on Friday for a wedding and then coming back Sunday for another wedding. Tis the season!

When I am home I have very little free time. Between cooking dinner, cleaning house, hanging with dogs and DH and catching up on TV and editing more photos on Lightroom/PhotoShop there's just no time left to write about it all. I suppose I can give up sleep like I am doing now but that's not smart. So, going to bed now. :D

I know, none of this is good excuse. Like I said, I'll try to blog more soon.