Sunday, October 12, 2008

No Excuse!

There's really no excuse for not blogging for as long as I have... So hopefully a blog tonight will at least make it up a little to all my readers (hope you guys are still out there). :)

Let's see, first of all, I just uploaded a few photos from my Napa trip way back in the first half of September:


Check out the whole series by clicking on the photo.

I've been doing a lot of weddings lately... Mostly second shooting for a pretty awesome photography studio that won't let me post the photos... A little bummed that I can't share the photos with you, but they are pretty awesome and I am really enjoying it. The next couple of weeks I'll be shooting with some other photographers who will let me post the photos so I am looking forward to sharing then.

On the real work front, I know I say I don't want to blog about it, but I've been traveling a bunch and it's been really fun and tiring at the same time. The most recent trip I went on it was a conference where the theme was "productivity". Although it sounded corny, the conference was really good and totally made me walk away refreshed! I think it's showing in my work and life, which is pretty neat. An example... Be effective, not just efficient. How often do you think you are being super efficient by getting through a bunch of menial tasks only to realize at the end of the day you didn't get any of your big TO DOs done?

My husband went to the city for Fleet Week today. I wasn't invited and am feeling all grumpy for having been left behind. I know his friend planned it and it's not like he didn't try to get me a ticket too, but deep down inside I kinda wish he didn't go! I mean, if _I_ had bought tickets or suggested we go to Fleet Week the DH would have simply said it'd be too crowded and he rather stay home. :(

Alright, I hope everyone actually made it through to the end of this long blabbering. Testing out a few new series - Sanctuary, Fringe, etc... So far, not sure about either.